Our Staff

Who we are

Fix what we have destroyed 

Our staff is made up of both recovering male and female ex-gang members. They understand they have been a part of the destruction of the youth and communities they now serve. Therefore, all of us have pledged to rebuild what we destroyed by uniting families and promoting a healthily environment for the future. We have dedicated ourselves to provide a safe environment for our children and families in all area. 

Work to reduce Negatively 

Our staff uses effective communication to reduce negative response reactions in the way we interact with our community and others.  Our aim is to teach this tool for non-violence inorder to increase self-esteem and self-respect in our Youth

Safe and Educated Staff 

Our staff are fingerprinted prior to working with any of our program. All our team members have first-aid training and have been TB tested. We participate in various training academy courses geared toward professionalism and community service building.